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About us
Bionatural Technologies Co., Ltd. (BioNat) was founded in January 2017. As a high end biotech enterprise, BioNat focuses intensively on the research and development of microorganism technologies, and specializes in the production and sales of microbiological products.

BioNat has developed a series of microbial products that can replace antibiotics and can be widely used in aquaculture, planting & agriculture and livestock industries.

Our products are well-known and recognized by domestic and international clients. BioNat has maintained a reliable partnership with our customers worldwide. Through our products and services, we hope to establish mutually – beneficial relationship with our partners which will in turn achieve our vision.

Through our products and services, provide mankind with a healthy source of food and a safe living environment.

To provide  quality products to our customers

BioNat develops products to achieve the needs of the market and our customers green necessities, which facilitates our customers to compete in the market

To provide safe and healthy food to the public

BioNat products bring a huge value to livestock, aquaculture, agriculture industries. 
Our products can improve plants, animals and fisheries the nutrient absorption rate and growth rate, and significantly reduce the use of harmful chemicals such as antibiotics, pesticides etc.

To build a comfort and healthy environment for next generation
BioNat proactively advocates environmental protection and educates our next generation to achieve the equilibrium between technology and environment

Core Value

- Creative Culture and Marketing

- Environmental Protection and Public Health

- Strategy and Management